Enterprise Security Platform

Our innovative security platform is based on our next-generation firewall which natively classifies all traffic, inclusive of applications, threats and content, then ties that traffic to the user, regardless of location or device type. The application, content, and user –  the core elements that run your business – are then used as the basis of your security policies. This unique ability empowers you to safely enable applications, make informed decisions on network access, and strengthen your network security.

Regardless of where your applications, users, and content may be, they almost always run across the network – which is the logical place to secure them. Deploy our innovative network security products to secure users (e.g., Internet gateways, branch offices, mobile users) as well as services (e.g., virtualized datacenters, virtualized desktop infrastructures, websites). All of your offices, datacenters, and remote users can be protected by the same safe application enablement policies, which simplifies security. Our platform enables you to see and understand everything that happens on your network, so you can focus on real problems.

Find out how our enterprise security platforms safely enable your business, improve network security, and simplify your workload.


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Your users are accessing all types of applications using a range of device types, often times to get their job done. Gain insight on how to enable application access, yet protect your network.



Our innovative, tightly integrated technologies and services safely enable your business.

  • Applications: App-ID identifies and classifies traffic by application, regardless of port, protocol, encryption, or evasive tactic.

  • Users: User-ID and GlobalProtect match applications and specific users to your enablement policies.

  • Content: Content-ID and WildFire stop both known and unknown threats.
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Every one of our next-generation firewalls comes with a set of features that enable you to secure your network like you've never done before. Palo Alto Networks firewalls include important security, integration, networking, and management features.

Find out how our innovative features will help you be more proactive, instead of reactive, and do your job even better.

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We offer a variety of firewall platforms that can deliver network security anywhere you need it, and for any size of enterprise, regardless of office location or placement in your network (physical or virtual). See which platforms are ideal for your enterprise locations, from virtualized to datacenter environments to one or many offices.

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