Hiding in Plain Sight - What's Really Happening on Your Network

Wed Jul 30 08:00:00 PDT 2014 于 Wed Jul 30 08:00:00 PDT 2014

Today’s cyber threats hide in plain sight amidst your network traffic, making them nearly impossible to defend against. These advanced threats use applications as their infiltration vector, exhibit application-like evasion tactics and they leverage commonly used network applications for exfiltration.

In this webinar we analyze the intertwined relationship between cyber attacks and applications based on recent data collected from over 2,200 networks in North and South America.

This session will include information on how to defend your network from advanced threats and will answer questions like:

  • How dangerous are common sharing applications really?
  • Which application is malware’s hiding place of choice?
  • SSL – is it privacy and protection or a threat?